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Si usted es un organizador de grupos, miembro del clero o sacerdote y está considerando la posibilidad de guiar a su comunidad en un viaje cristiano a Israel, tenemos una oferta especial para usted.




La oferta de viajes cristianos a Israel incluye:

  1. Viaje cristiano a Israel personalizado - Planifiquemos juntos el viaje de su comunidad.
  2. Tarifas reducidas para grupos
  3. Oferta personal especial para organizadores de grupos   - comuníquese con nosotros para más


Mas Informacion  [Oferta especial para organizadores de grupos]
Hi Rebecca
Thank you for this opportunity

We had a wonderful tour, the group started at 15 a perfect number and with "Paulow" as our Guide and David as our driver. We became very close and Paulow was a beautiful person, and made our christian tour of Israel very special.

Sadly we had a change after the 5 days and joined another tour for the last two days..we reallly would have liked to have had Paulow for the last two days

The Hotels and meals were great.

Perhaps there was too big a choice of Hotels which made the pick up/ and drop off time between hotels rather long.

I also feel a little more time in Old Jerusalem would have been good instead of the Guides selection of Souviner shop.

We had two add on's to our the boat trip on the Sea of Galilee and a stop at the Garden Tomb.. both of these were highlights of my tour and so feel they should become part of the tour.

Thank you again and I hope one day to visit again

God Bless

Irene Moore
Date of Posting: 30 junio 2012
Posted By: Irene Moore
Hello Rebecca,
Yes, we had a fabulous time. It was such a small tour, that we all became very good friends, and are in touch till now.
The trip to Jordan was really a private tour, as it was only josie and me, with the driver and the tour guide, so how much better can that get?

I loved both my tour Israel and Jordan guides.

Here I am at the temple wall
Shalom, and may God bless Israel
Date of Posting: 10 junio 2012
Posted By: Gabriela Kaplan
Hi Rebecca
I arrived home on 14th...I had a great time thank you. It was great! I really enjoyed being in both Israel
and Jordan. What did I ever worry for?

I met some nice people on the tour and people I met afterwards as I stayed a week after the tour
finished. I was pretty busy for the 3 1/2 weeks I was there and am recovering at the moment..sleeping

I hope that things are fine with you. Thanks very much for all your help.

Date of Posting: 04 junio 2012
Posted By: Julie Carol Fuller
New Zealand
Thank you for asking. We had a wonderful experience. Everything was good and we enjoy every part of the trip.
The tour guide was wonderful and the service was great and attentive. Overall we really appreciate your service and will definitely recommend your service to others if they are planning to visit the holy land.
Thanks again.
Date of Posting: 04 junio 2012
Posted By: Steven Lou
Dear Ira,

It has been 2 weeks since we arrived back from Israel. We want to tell you how very much we enjoyed the tour. You people of Israel have truly made a land of milk and honey. Such an accomplishment in the face of so many challenges. Our guide Avi was fantastic—so knowledgeable and added so much to the tour with that knowledge and his own personal insights. Our driver, Mohammed was very gracious and drove at a nice speed—so many tour bus drivers whiz along that you feel unsafe, but not Mohammed.

We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit your country and we speak often of the many experiences we had. Now we are very concerned and pray constantly for you there in Israel.

Thank you again for your assistance. By the way, we had a wonderful last day in Tel Aviv, attending a mass at St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa and walking around that lovely old city and then along the beach back to Tel Aviv.

Our very best to you.

Carol & Don Zielins
Date of Posting: 01 junio 2012
Posted By: Carol & Don Zielins
Hello. We absolutely enjoyed our visit to Israel. We saw and learned so much that
everything become a little confusing, and I find myself going back to review information
for the many pictures that I took.

Ezra was a great guide, we felt that he showed us many things that we would not have
seen on a large group tour, and he is a wealth of information about the Israel of the past,
as well as the present. We very much enjoyed being in his company.

We found the food at our hotels to be very good, with a wide variety and a chance to try
foods we do not have at home.

Overall, I would have to say that a "good time was had by all."
Date of Posting: 29 mayo 2012
Posted By: James Northen
I just wanted to let you know about my trip and tour to Jordan. I had very high
expectations and I can tell you from my heart that those expectations were almost
nothing, my visit was something out of this world for me. My tour Guide Rami and his
driver Ahmed (from Atlas drivers or transport) were very very nice and professional,
Rami knew very well His country and its history, a total gentleman, all accommodations
were fine and the food out of this world, as I told my son, I was in food heaven. From
the moment he received us (2 other people from Australia and me) at the border
crossing he was always on top of things and making sure we were on the right track, all
documentation at the border (in and Out) were ready and on time, we did not have any
problems what so ever.
they even make time for us to stop at a drug store and the bank when we needed as well
for restroom stops. EXCELLENT PEOPLE !!!
I am very thankful and blessed to have taken this tour with your company. This was
a dream of my life and Rami and Ahmed help to make my dream come true... I will
recommend your company and specially Rami and Ahmed.
Again I thank you for your time, help and patience with me. you also made this happen
and I'm very very grateful with all of you.
God bless you all.
Date of Posting: 29 mayo 2012
Posted By: Sergio Marin
Shalom Rebecca,

Thank you for your Email. I’ve been very busy since I got back home, so please forgive my late reply. I must say that I had a great time on your tour. The hotel selection was excellent and and the staff were always helpful and hospitable. Your tour-guide was professional, but always managed to keep me an the other guests laughing with little stories and jokes he came up with. It was a wonderful tour in a wonderful country that, while being a Christian tour still helped us get some insight into Jewish Culture and History. I was shown all the sights I wasn’t able to see on my previous tour. It was spritually fullfilling, and I must say that I really enjoyed every minute. Your company is very professional and even managed to organize for me to be baptized in the river jordan.
Unfortunately were weren’t taken the Christian side of Bethlehem on the last day, where I would have loved to buy items such as Holy Oil and Insense.
All in all, I really enjoyed it and I am looking to my next trip to Israel.
I left an envolope with the tour guide to give to the Friends of Beit Hatfutsot. I hope they recieved

I wish you all the best,
Date of Posting: 18 mayo 2012
Posted By: Nana ama Bühler
Thanks, Rebecca. We are still basking in the afterglow of our very pleasant trip to Israel. Thanks for all your help in making the arrangements. Here is my feedback:

1. Logistics: Very good. I always felt comfortable the guides would not leave us behind. They always made sure we knew what time they would pick us up, and the transfer to the airport was fine. At our arrival, your man met us and escorted us to the Avis desk. However, he left us before we reached the desk, whereupon we found out that we were in the wrong place and had to take a shuttle bus to the right place. But that was just a minor irritation. The coaches were all very comfortable and drivers were pleasant.

2. Hotels: Very nice. I'm not sure you arranged it this way, but the Scot's Hotel had our reservation as breakfast and dinner, which was a pleasant surprise. The views were lovely and the hotel was centrally located. However, the bed was not very comfortable and we woke up every morning with backaches. The Citadel was top notch in all respects, however, we found out that you had reserved a standard room without a view, so we had to pay more to upgrade.

3. Guides: We really liked Ehud and felt like we became friends with him. On the first day of the tour that we did not join, the group members reported to us that he was somewhat surly the first day, but after having a discussion with him, he cheered up and showed his sense of humor. I applaud Rosa for her dedication to making sure the group stayed together, which was no simple task! I gathered that both Ehud and the group had different expectations of the tour, in that the group was thinking more of a "pilgrimage" tour, while Ehud understood that it was a "heritage" tour. While both Ehud and Rosa were certainly knowledgeable about Jesus' life and ministry, I believe we all missed having guides which could have provided much more theological, archeological and Biblical insight into the places we visited. I know that it is difficult to get the balance right for a diverse group of visitors from different backgrounds and knowledge, but I think the consensus was that we would have liked a lot more detail and linkage with the Bible. I was less bothered, because I have done some reading and research into Biblical history, and could read the passages in the Bible that referred to the sights we were seeing, however, I would have loved to hear more archeological detail and explanation from a guide who had more expertise (especially since I had to correct some errors in their comments).

4. Sights visited: I really loved all the places we visited, although there was some grumbling about the time we spent looking at the Chagall windows as not being relevant to a Christian sights tour. We all loved the Yad Vashem visit and could have spent more time there. Charlotte and I also went back to the Israel Museum on Thursday morning before leaving for the airport. Fascinating exhibits!

5. Lunches: We all complained that the food could have been of a little more quality. I realise that you were trying to maintain a moderate budget for us, but it would have been nice to have been offered a choice of venues for the group to vote on, in case we wanted to upgrade the food.

6. Size of group: We really enjoyed the small group we had for the first part of the tour. When the larger group joined us in Jerusalem, it became more unwieldy and difficult to manage the pickups. We lost a lot of time each day waiting for the bus to battle traffic to pick everyone up at their different hotels.

I hope this helps. You have a beautiful and fascinating country, and we hope to return some day.

Date of Posting: 16 mayo 2012
Posted By: Gandy Steve
Dear Rebecca,

Many thanks, I arrived home safely.

Overall I was happy that I booked the tour and I enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the Israel part of my tour. The guides were good, especially Ehud and it was nice to have a smaller group for most of the tour until we got to Jerusalem.

The border crossings from Israel to Jordan and vice versa were not so pleasant. It would have been great to have been advised in advance,

(i) That I was the only person booked onto this tour and that a taxi instead of a tour bus would be bringing me to the border. I had no knowledge of this beforehand.This was significant as I had to make the border crossing alone and it was not a pleasant experience
(ii) I didn’t know what to expect at the border crossing and it is not a straightforward process (Like Europe or US..). I was not aware of the complexity of the crossing on both sides of the border or that I needed to take a bus to go to the Jordan border from the Israel crossing. There was no information or signs telling me to do so. If there wasn’t another tour group there at the time, I wouldn’t have known what to do.. It was helpful to have the guide at the Jordan border to navigate the rest of process, but by that point, I was a little stressed from having no information and no idea of what to expect.
(iii) The border crossing from Jordan to Israel took 2.5hours with a lot of security checking. Again it was not a straightforward process. To give some feedback, I think it would be good to advise in the literature to people who want to book this tour in advance of what to expect. In that way, they would be more prepared for what they face to make the crossing.

Given my experience now of the border crossings, I would not have booked the Jordan part of the tour and instead looked to do a day tour to Petra from Eilat and pay the extra ticket price into Petra. Not staying more than 24 hours in Jordan would reduce the trouble and hassle of the border crossings, which were unpleasant and added stress to my holiday.

I am very glad that I did the tour. I would absolutely recommend the Israel part of the tour, but not the Jordan part. I think it would be best if people had the opportunity to make informed decisions on what they face at the border crossings before booking this part. I did really enjoy my time in Israel though.

I hope the feedback in useful for you.

Kind regards,
Date of Posting: 14 mayo 2012
Posted By: Christina Petris

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