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Private Tour DessertIf you are traveling solo, with a partner or with a small group of up to 10 persons you may wish to consider our dedicated Private Tour Service.


A private tour of Israel will allow you to experience the Holyland in the most suitable way for you and your family.


Traveling at your own pass, visiting your preferred sites and enjoying the full attention of our experienced private  tour guide



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The benefits of a Private Christian Tour of Israel

1. Flexibility - Your own pace, your own plan. Just like traveling alone, but with professional dedicated guidance.

2. Hustle free experience - While traveling with an Israel Christian Tour Guide you will be traveling light and worry free. No long drives and hours spent looking for car park.

3. A unique personal Holy Land experience- Our dedicated private tour guide will interact with you, to create your own Israel Christian Tour plan according to your taste and needs.

4. Maximum personal safety - The most dangerous thing in Israel is... Traffic.  Yet traveling with a local, experienced Israeli tour guide will make it even safer. On the road, during visits to places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem etc, you will enjoy the knowledge of a local guide who knows the right rules of behaviour.

5. Private Luxurious Transportation - Israel Christian Tours provides you with a fully air conditioned luxury private transportation with a driver that is also your tour guide. Our tour guides are all safe and experienced drivers who also know the best roads and how to avoid traffic.

But What About The Price of a Private Tour?


Yes, a Private Christian Tour of Israel is more expensive than a group bus tour.

But you should always remember the following:

  1. You can joined up to 10 People at the price of 1 tour
  2. You pay more - You get more


Submit the form bellow for booking or inquiries and our travel representative will get back to you today.


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