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Special Offer for Clergy
Special Offer for Group Leaders Print E-mail
Priest Israel Christian Tours

If you are a team leader, clergy or a priest who consider the possibility of leading your community through an Israel Christian Tour then we have a special offer for you.




Israel Christian Tour offer includes:

  1. Professional Travel Consulting - We will plan the perfect tour for your group.
  2. Reduced group rates - Your group will enjoy special reduced group rates.
  3. Special offer for you! - Contact us to learn more.
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Images Taken On Our Israel Christian Tours Print E-mail

All of the images below were taken by travelers aboard our 8 days and 11 days tours of Israel

Images Taken by Dorcas Cheng Tozun on the 11 Day Heritage Tour 2012


Images Taken by Cameron Macmaster on November 2011


Images Taken by Donald & Carol Zielins 8 day Highlight tour 24 April 2011