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The 11 days grand Israel Christian Tour is based on our 8 days Christian tour of Israel with a 3 days Jordan and Petra extension.


This tour plan was originated from popular demand to include the world heritage sites of Petra (Jordan), South of Israel and the city of Eilat on the shore of the Red Sea.


Although this extension has no direct connection to our Israel Christian Tour theme, we felt, that you deserve the opportunity to see the marvels of Petra and the Red Sea while visiting Israel.



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Grand Israel Christian Tour 11 Days Plan


Israel Christian Tour Day 1-7


This tour is an extension of our 8 Days Israel Christian Tours.The first 7 days are similar to both tours. Participants in the 11 day tours will continute to tour the South of Israel and Eilat with an optional day tour to Petra.

Below is the extension plan:


Israel Christian Tours Day 8 - Border Crossing into Jordan, Jarash and Amman


We will head to Alenby Crossing (SH. Houssein Bridge), the border crossing between Israel and Jordan. Following the border crossing we will

We will drive to Jarash - City of the Decapolis, located about half an hour drive north of Amman in the beautiful

heights of Gilead. We will pay a visit to the Roman city with its colonnaded streets, the ancient heater, the baths and

the hill top temple, the triumphal arch etc.

Our day will end in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.


Overnigh Lodging - Amman




Israel Christian Tour Day 9 - Amman - Madaba - Mt Nebo - Shobak - Petra


We will head to Madaba to see the ancient mosaic map of the Holy land & ruins of the historical city. From there we will head to Mount Nebo, where Moses overlooked the Holy Land for the first and last time.

We will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Jordan Valley, Jericho and the Dead Sea.

Next, we will visit the remains of the Byzantine church with its magnificent mosaic floor, proceed via the crusaders castle - Shobak, to Wadi Mussa (Mosses Valley).


Overnight Lodging - Petra.


Israel Christian Tours Day 10 - Petra and Amman


Described by UNESCO as ""one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage," the ancient city of Petra is a truly astonishing site.

This Nabatean city was established more than 2000 years ago and is famous for its magnificent architectural buildings which were curved in the red rock.

Our tour will begin by a possible 700 meter horseback ride to the opening of the of the Siq. From there, we will walk for another 1.2 KM (0.8 Mile) and enter it the same way as Indiana Jones did in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”


Accessibility note - It is possible to rent a chariot to get inside Petra and back. Contact us for more details.


Overnight Lodging - Amman


Israel Christian Tour Day 11 -Goodbye


We have reached the end of our tour. We will head back to Israel through the Alenby Crossing and get back to Jerusalem and or Tel Aviv.

Those of you who will fly back on the same day will be taken direcly to the airport.

Don't forget to write and send us your trip pictures!



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